Make your sales people more effective with BizMachine lead generation and sales insights

  • Detailed information on sales person's target market, sales potential, and companies in his/her portfolio or region - all in one place
  • Automated notifications on opportunities, risks, important events and sales triggers in companies you follow
  • Simple to use pipeline management and reporting

Detailed profiles of Czech companies

  • What the company really does
  • Indicator of activity, accessibility and growth
  • Where its headquarters are
  • Where its commercial premises are, including eshops
  • How big and popular the physical and online stores are
  • Links to other companies through important people
  • Aggregator of publicly available contacts
  • Development of financial indicators
  • Statutory authorities and ownership structure
  • How many people are searching for which job positions
  • What are their registered vehicles
  • Mentions in the media

Notification of opportunities, risks, important events, and changes in selected companies

  • Newly opened and closed stores, including eshops
  • Entry into the Czech or foreign market
  • Mergers or acquisitions
  • Bankruptcy, distraint or liquidation
  • Expansion of field of business
  • Commercial or logistics spaces that are in preparation or newly opened
  • Conclusion of a contract with a public institution
  • Launch of a new product or service
  • Received awards and prizes
  • Increase or decline in the hiring of new people
  • Newly registered vehicles
  • Notification also for linked companies
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